Healing Arts

The foundation of these offerings is built on supporting you on your path. Doing this work presents an opportunity for you to tenderly nurture the garden of your whole being - body, mind, heart and spirit.

Subtle Energies of the Body

The work that is done during these sessions specialize in supporting the subtle body and providing energetic nourishment for the whole self. It is deeply fortifying, serving as a boost to restore energetic balance in your body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Stephanie uniquely crafts each session using a blend of reiki, restorative stillness, intuition, meditation, breathwork and gentle somatic movement to harness the wisdom of your body. She uses the energy centers of your body as guideposts to support your innate needs, move through resistance and create momentum for change.

The session begins with a conversation—an opportunity to check in with yourself, to explore your needs, and to cultivate your intentions. You then settle into a comfortable resting position so that Stephanie can employ techniques aimed at fostering well-being while focusing on your specific needs.

As you move through the stages of the process, Stephanie holds space for you and prioritizes your need to feel seen and safe. She uses supportive tools to provide nourishment to your energetic body. Upon session completion, Stephanie draws from your work together and offers insight; this includes recommendations for post-session support, self-care practices, and daily routines.

Choose this session if you are looking to:

  • experience personal growth.

  • create a shift in your life.

  • realign with yourself and your purpose.

  • find clarity of thought.

  • release energy within your physical, mental, and emotional spaces.

  • enhance feelings of relaxation.

  • cultivate presence.

  • expand your heartspace.

  • connect deeply to your physical body.

Due to the nature and evolution of this work, sessions may look and feel different during each visit based on your own personal expansion and growth.

Sessions are available in person (in Los Angeles, CA), or remotely from anywhere in the world.

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