Learn More About the Work 

These sessions offer an experience that is unique to you as energy is moved within and around your body. As a result, you may notice various effects, possibly sensing a shift during the session and even up to a few days after your session as you integrate the work you have done.


What to Expect +

During a session, you may:

  • Notice warmth coming from Stephanie’s hands
  • Experience a change in body temperature
  • Buzz with energy
  • Observe physical sensations rise up in your body in the form of tingles, vibrations, or numbness
  • Sense a shift in emotions or have an emotional release
  • Drift into an altered state of consciousness
  • Have heightened senses
  • See colors, shapes, images or messages in your mind.
  • Feel peaceful and at ease.
  • Fall asleep

Following a session, you may:

  • Experience deeper levels of calmness and inner peace
  • Enhance your connection to self
  • Feel more intrinsically motivated
  • Be more grounded in your body
  • Have improved clarity of thought
  • Observe increased energy and vitality levels
  • Notice a strengthened sense of self.
  • Establish a sense of balance
  • Sleep more deeply

You will not have the same experience twice doing this work. You will not have the same experience as someone else who has done this work. What you will have is an experience that tends to your individual needs, nourishes your intentions, and supports your growth. Stephanie will be with you every step of the way.

Information on Reiki +

The Tool

Reiki is a Japanese practice that supports the subtle energy body by channeling the flow of universal life force energy. This technique is based on the belief that there is an unseen energy both within us and around us. It is thought that this vibrant, animate flow of energy is what causes us to be alive. Reiki supports this flow of energy by nourishing, soothing, and restoring the emotional and physical body. It allows the opportunity for improved well-being by deepening the connection to the self through balance and harmony. Reiki provides sustenance for the soul while tending to the delicate sensitivities of the body, ultimately paving the way for an uplifting energetic shift and tranquil healing experience.

The Process

Reiki is a non-invasive energy-based modality that is passively received through either light touch or using a hands off approach. It is a versatile tool that can be experienced in person or remotely, while comfortably lying down or sitting in a chair. Reiki gently replenishes the energetic pathways in and around the body, making space for the universal life force energy to flow freely. As this energy flow increases, the physical body naturally begins to drift into a state of deep relaxation. The body continues to release tension and gripping throughout the course of the session and ends with a resting period.

The Result

Reiki is a delicate, subtle process that fosters well-being for the whole self by calming the mind, grounding the body, lifting the spirit, supporting the soul, and opening the heart. This work lovingly cultivates the intuitive muscles within the body and strengthens the connection to oneself, invoking inner peace. When you open up to the beauty of this work and allow yourself to receive the gifts from the universe, the effects are bountiful. Leave expectations at the door and be fully present to the unique experience, sensations, insight, and feelings that may surface.

Information on Breathwork +

The Tool

Breathwork brings awareness to the body, moves energy within it, and melts through its innermost resistance. Ultimately, it evokes an emotional release that is unique to each individual. It is a beautiful process that connects one deeply to spirit and to the universal energy flow of love. The breath combined with the indwelling wisdom of the body is a magnificent force that stimulates stagnant energy and plows through blocks. This paves the way for the possibility of a truly profound healing experience. It is an inward journey leading to the final destination of surrender.

The Process

Breathwork is an exercise that is experienced while comfortably lying down. This process utilizes various breathwork techniques, beginning with a two-part active inhale followed by a passive exhale. The first breath activates the sacral chakra and life force energy, which nudges against any energetic blockages in the body that may contain stored emotions, patterns, and beliefs. This newly-awakened energy is then pulled into the heart space with the second breath where it is showered with love, compassion, and forgiveness. The energy continues to rise in the body until it is released gently and effortlessly. Once the active breathing process is complete, the breath pattern then shifts into a soothing heart-focused breath for balance and centering followed by a resting period.

The Result

Breathwork feels like an energetic massage and emotional detoxifier that gives way to experiencing inner peace, lightness, and well-being. This specific style of breathing allows the individual to get out of the mind, connect fully to the body, and gain access to the true radiance of the heart. When you open up to the beauty of this work and allow yourself to receive the gifts from the universe, the effects are bountiful. Leave expectations at the door and be fully present to the unique experience, sensations, insight, and feelings that may surface.